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tv   To Be Announced  CNN  October 11, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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into the hospital, and doctors for a month know respirator and don't allow him to breathe but he's alive right now, and he's doing okay. that story is tomorrow night out front. this is "piers morgan live." welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. breaking news tonight, they are talking and that, after ten days of government shutdown and no talking really is breaking news. >> we'll come back to have more discussion, the president said that he would go and consult with administration folks and hopefully, we can see a way forward after that. >> kicking the can down the road or should we take any deal we can get at the moment? wall street thinks a deal is close and is seeing stocks soaring today.
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i'll talk to the man that wrote the book on the art of the deal, the outspoken donald trump and his blunt message for washington. >> an extension is not what you need. you need the overall deal. we have to make a big deal and it has to be the proper deal for the country. also ask him who gets the trump trademark you're fired. i want to begin with the big story, both sides talking in washington. welcome to you both. it's been a long ten days. dana, are we seeing a path of political white smoke? >> i wouldn't call it white smoke yet but we're does he have any timely at the point where we could at least looking up to the tower and see if there could be smoke any time soon, which is further away than we were a few hours ago, piers. the meeting at the white house by all accounts was productive. it genuinely was but the whole concept of it was that it was pretty tough at the beginning and at the end they got to the point where they decided they were going to have a discussion, not just about the debt limit and increasing that for six
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weeks, which is the republican plan they formally announced this morning but the president demanded that they talk about reopening the government and why not start beginning those discussions now? listen to what republican congressman pete sessionens told me about the nature of those discussions tonight. did you clash with the president, is that fair to say? >> i did. but what i think is fair to say is that the president and all the members there were very respectful to each other and had a clear understanding of what we were trying to accomplish. >> how did you -- what did you clash over? it about how to reopen the government and when to do it? >> if you focus things that might be clashing, those will probably be in a book some day. >> so what is going on now, current events are that there are still discussions going on, even at this late hour, piers,
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and members of house leadership staff is still on the phone with white house staff which is remarkable given the fact there was no discussion at all a few hours ago. >> let's go to the white house. jim acosta, late activity. we heard joe biden is still trapped inside the white house. is that a good sign the great deal maker hasn't emerged yet? >> i think that is a good thing. house republicans said they didn't come out of this meeting swinging at each other. there were no e-mails fired back and forth saying nasty things about one another. that's basically been the pattern for the last ten days of the government shut down. this is what i was told by a government source. apparently the president said to house republicans, look, i like this offer that you're bringing to me for a short-term debt ceiling increase. the president said that was a good thing.
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wait a minute, how are we supposed to negotiate in good faith with the government still shut down. why don't you reopen the government the president said to house republicans. at that point, according to that source, john boehner said we want items in return for reopening the government but did not layout specifically who those items were thanks is going to be coming later. the president then reminded house republicans at that point, according to the source he's not offering concessions in exchange for opening the government. so it seems when it comes to this issue of reopening the government, piers, they are at a standstill. they are at an impasse. as for this issue of the debt ceiling increase, it sounds like they are where they were earlier today. the president would sign a
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short-term debt ceiling increase and would avert what many described as an economic new clear bomb. dana said they came out feeling good because at least they were having a dialogue and talking to one another and not ex changing insults in washington, piers. that the progress. >> the fact they are not abusing each other in public is progress. thank you. what will it take to go from talking to actual deal? we're joined by two congressman from opposite sides of the isle. the financial services committee and tom cole and welcome to you both. you're smiling. has the good news -- >> we're not restrained. >> you're all feeling happy. is there going to be a deal? let start with you jim heinz, what are you sensing? >> i'm encouraged, cautiously encouraged. one thing that encourages me is that after the meeting today, nobody ran for the microphones, nor the president ran for the microphones and that's always a
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good sign people are getting serious and working towards a solution and i'm gratifyed to see people are really focused on making sure we don't default on the full faith and credit. the government shutdown is uncomfortable and hurting a lot of people but the fire we were playing with on default was a horrifying thing. >> tom cole, it seems everybody agrees there will be a six-week extension on the debt ceiling and accept that's the most sensible course of action. everyone agrees the government should be reopened, the only thing now for the republicans given the awful polls that have come out tonight with more and more americans blaming republicans is what kind of concessions, if any, they get as part of this process. how do you see the deal, which is probably pretty close to being done now, actually being completed? >> well, i agree very much with what jim had to say s. i think we made progress. both sides know you don't jeopardize the credit of the quite. both sides are talking and agree to continue the discussion.
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i'm not too worried about the particulars. it seems opening the government sooner rather than later is a good thing to do. look, we'll pay the folks, which is the right thing to do. over half the government is up in operation with the defense department and essential workers. you know, why would you keep paying people and not give them the opportunity to work. i think the key thing from a republican standpoint is there is a negotiation and time limit, not that it couldn't be renewed or extended. i think there is a serious negotiation there would be. each side has given here now and that's the frame work for protective talks. >> jim heinz i have a great interview with donald trump in which he lays into washington generally for the lack of ability to negotiate and to get business done. how this played out? >> looking at donald trump for what is true and good in this world but also look, donald trump in his business when he doesn't like how something is going, he can just do as he does and say you're fired. none of us can say that to each other. we're elected by very different
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people in different parts of the country and donald trump doesn't have to work with people. we can't fire each other and that creates a different dynamic. looks like we're looking up on that account. >> you can't be fired by the american public. >> every two years they get their chance. >> do you think donald trump is a false evil? >> no, look, never having met him i'm not about to make a judgment about him. look, i suggest what we're about here is part of a larger pattern of events. we had a lot of trouble and came to a deal in april of 2011, had a lot of fights and came to a budget deal in august, excuse me, debt ceiling deal in august of that year and had the fiscal cliff earlier in january of this year and had a continuing resolution deal in march, all four of those together have narrowed the deficit. that's why it's half of what it was three years ago, all four of them were bipartisan. looks to me like we're on the edge of doing the same thing
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again but perhaps in a bigger way and more productively. >> i want to play a quick clip of the interview with ted cruz out of "cross fire." let's see what he said. >> they followed you into a ditch and now there is obviously no chance obama care will be defunded and we're on the brink of a horrific default. do you think that in the reflection of your own heart you might say you know what, i'm a new kid here. i think i owe you guys an apology. >> van, i know you desperately want to change the top pick from obama care and it's striking -- >> on the default? on the default? on the world economy. >> van, let me answer -- >> yes, sir. >> let me answer your question. democrats in this town do not want to discuss obama care. why? because it's not working. >> it's interesting because obama care has suddenly disappeared off the talking
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points here because everyone recognized it was becoming the great obstruction to getting any deal done, suddenly you got paul ryan writing a piece and he doesn't mention it. >> yeah, look, you know, democrats do want to talk about the affordable care act because the cnn wall street journal mom -- poll shows it's risen 7 points in popularity. we should be willing to look at obama care and say what is good and what is bad and let's have the negotiations? let's have the negotiations and make a law that some people disapprove of better. let's do that. it's hard to look at the strategy led by at the scene -- ted cruz and for the opponents of obama care. >> donald trump, i know you like him very much. he gives a rosing defense later. comes later on the show. for now jim heinz and ted cole, thank you. >> thank you. we're watching the white house and capitol hill for any signs of a deal and when we come back, a man that has seen things worse than this, mr. deal himself, donald trump, his advise for the president at this
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back now with breaking news everyone is talking about, they are talking in washington, quite extraordinary. joining me is john king. john king astonishing news, politicians paid to talk to each other are talking to each other. you're the man to talk to here. where is the deal in the devil of the detail going to get done do you think? >> that the a good question. i would say if. i would say if. there is indication from house republican sources and from the white house they do expect a deal and hopeful that by early in the new week, meaning working through the weekend, the government will reopen fully. when will it get done? the president said to house republicans he's more than willing to talk about tax reform and talk about social security and medicare but only after they reopen the government and to reopen the government, it the president's position they have to drop any notion of defunding or detailing obama care. so now, that is speaker boehner's task going back to the 30 members saying we need to do this. politically we're suffering. the question is how hard of a sell is that? that's the big challenge tonight, piers and then we get into many more layers.
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if they want to get the president to the table, they have to reopen it? >> a new nbc wall street journal tonight, 53% of americans blaming the gop, 31% blame the president. so a big widening gap so to put it in context in '95 the last shut down at the same stage, 47% blame the gop and 27% blame bill clinton but the gop we know from our sources are getting very twitching, senior leaders thinking this isn't working for us, this strategy so we have to extra kate ourselves and get whatever concessions we can. is that your take on it? >> you just had a great conversation with the democrat and republican. tom cole once ran the campaign committee, raised the money and help support the candidates. he gets nuts and bolts of how this works, piers, and he knows that means going into election
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year with the republican should do fabulously. it's the six-year election. the president's midterm election. look at the glitches with the rollout of obama care and yet, what did republicans do? turn this election tight on themselves. they turned it on themselves by shutting down the government. so the leadership wants to reopen the government. the question is those 30 or so tea party members and like minded conservatives that wanted to plant the flag, most of them, piers, go home to districts where they don't care about the poll because they will get 55, 60, 65%. the problem is will this now put 10 or 12 moderate republicans from pennsylvania or new york, will this cost seats the republicans would have probably safely held next year and change the dynamics of the election? republicans may get policy wins out of this with entitlement reform. the question is how high of a political price did they pay to get them? >> john king, thank you very much indeed.
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i want to bring a man that seen the nation's capital. the white house as a counsel to the senate watergate committee. 50 years uncovering the truth and marc lamont hill. welcome to you both. the great investigator, you've been in the grubbiest part in washington's history. >> thank you. >> there is a sense things have never been worse, never been so poisonous in washington. what is your take with your experience in this? >> going back to my experience in the watergate committee, which you referenced, that could have been a hugely potential fulfilling of the constitution crisis. we were talking about looking at the president of the united states and impeaching him and there couldn't be anything more serious than that. what i found was looking for a senator irvin and working with tom we had complete agreement on
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almost everything. every subpoena we issued, because the president refused to compile with the subpoenas, i offered a say pea that to compel the president to release the documents and tapes and the republicans on the committee, again, and the democrats voted unanimously to support that which is a pretty traumatic. >> what it seems to me, there was a respect for the law and authority and each other and putting business together. this is the point, we've talked a lot through this crisis and it comes down it seems to me and donald trump is interesting to me, he's a businessman. he's a deal maker. he says in the end you get in the room and rough it out. you verbally beat each other out and get to a point of consensus. he can't understand why that isn't happening except as he says in a moment john boehner
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and barack obama don't get on very well. they don't like being in the same room together. >> and they don't have the same end game in mind when we're in a business situation, both trying to get a deal done and the best deal possible. here people have very different visions what the end game could look like. there is a very different idea from the tea party extremist to moderate republicans. the republicans realized they over played the hand and they have to come to some sort of resolution and save face with the tax reform stuff. democrats have to be wise and can't dance in the end zone and spike the football and say hey, how about obama care? we got rid of obama care. they have to move the ball forward and enjoy the victory. >> the clumsy thing, if they didn't shutdown the government, the republicans would have a fantastic week attacking the implantation of obama care which is chaotic. they could have had a field day and gained ground against the democrats and instead they -- >> and it goes back to ignoring
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the merits of a case and making it totally partisan, totally personal. >> have you ever learned washington be so vicious, frankly as it's become. >> it started, my recollection is subsequent to the nixon effort, which ended up the way it ended up with his resignation and after that i think there was such a hatred and frankly, amnesty, animosity between them there was never close to an effort to bring them back -- bring them together as personalities and experienced political people. >> do you think the message is getting together. the polls have shown ever more
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deteriorating view of congress in totality from the american people who have just been -- since i've been on air at cnn, three years now, seems a per pet well crisis. you can't go on like that. >> i think they are tired of fighting and democrats i think they were right on issue and principle and because they had the upper hand, republicans would look bad. the truth is republicans look awful. people aren't particularly happy with the democrats and president obama. they think he could exercise more leadership, whether we agree or not isn't the point. the point is nobody is winning and i think they are getting that. >> to mark's point -- >> sure. >> the question i have is they
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knew there would be a problem. he knew there was a potential crisis and it doesn't seem to be any significant effort to phase in some discussions that might have done good to alleviate, if not, avoid this kind of shutdown. >> doesn't this come down -- excuse me, mark, doesn't it come down to it got so poisonous the first thought on both sides but predominantly the moment the tea party signed republicans is to be negative, how can we stop stuff happening? >> exactly. >> whereas the great american years were built from positive. >> let's not be that way. democrats wanted to stop republicans and the policy itself was secondary so let's not be romantic. however, this is the most dysfunctional state and we as the american people are forced to do their job. they won't do it on their own. >> i'm an incurable romantic. there is loveless help. recommend that book, marc, thanks for coming in. we'll watch for signs of a deal and bring the moment it happens. coming up, the biker police that started this confrontation with the family in the suv. hear his story and the man that wrote the art of the deal.
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donald trump, everybody talking about him tonight. we'll get to hear from him. biker christopher cruise 1111 ]
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biker christopher cruise stopping short last week in front of an suv on a highway. the moment that led to an attack. mike injuried in the attack as the driver plowed through the crowd. several more involve, including an undercover cop. gloria allred, welcome.
12:27 am
top lawyers, let me start with you, this seems to be christopher cruise your client is almost the center of this because in the video we watched, everyone seen this now, he's the guy that slows down. the suv runs into, which seems per sip tate the whole thing. your client is charged with dangerous driving and unlawful inprisment. what is your position? >> my position is he committed no crime. you see the bump that occurred between them was a slight bump. there was nothing -- it wasn't a bump that knocked him off of his motorcycle. >> what is your client doing in slowing down so dramatically there? >> my client is making a lane change. like any other motorist that makes a lane change, the fact that he's on a motorcycle, much
12:28 am
has been made about him making the lane change. when you see the video -- >> why is he looking behind him to make a lane change? >> he's on a motorcycle. you got to understand he's not in a motor vehicle. you look in the side mirrors and feel more comfortable, safer. he makes the lane change -- >> why is he making no attempt to change lanes. >> well, if you look at the video, he sees -- he looks over his shoulder twice. the first time he looks over his shoulder it's over his right shoulder and at that point he's looking at the vehicle behind him. the second time he looks over his shoulder, it's his left shoulder where if you look at his head, it's pointing in the direction of the left lane. he's looking for a friend coming up behind him and he expects to come right up in the left lane and that's when the bump occurs. >> joe, okay, you're not officially representing the family, the suv driver and his family but you obviously have an opinion that is on their side. what do you make of this defense of christopher cruise? >> you know, without obviously
12:29 am
having the benefit of speaking to benjamin's client like he does but from a video standpoint i don't buy it. >> what do you think he was doing? >> they were surrounding that vehicle. this has been precipitated by 200, 911 calls these guys were riding and terrorizing the manhattan in that pack like mentality and surrounding vehicles that got in their way and that's what they did here. what i believe mr. cruise was doing was basically going to slow this guy down and surround these guys, which they eventually did. he wasn't changing lanes but challenging the guy to come up behind him. >> what do you think of what he did, cause serious injuries to people? we've seen the video. do you think there is a proper defense for what he did? >> not only a proper defense, there is clearly in my opinion no wrongdoing. this is a tragedy what you're seeing here but the law is if he
12:30 am
reasonably believed he was in danger, when he acted, then he's good to go. understand this, throw yourself in the parent mode on top of that. he has a 2-year-old in the back. these guys have been surrounding his vehicle, basically since the midtown all the way past the george washington bridge, clearly acting like a gang of thugs and if you look at the track record and history, they are so proud of the conduct they post on youtube, piers, videos, a youtube video of their website of doing this in 2011 of another vehicle, pounding the window of another vehicle. >> here is the problem with what he's saying. he's assuming these bikers are together and assume thing is a biker organization. >> they are together. they are driving together. >> they are together the same way that if we're walking out of a baseball game, let's say yankee stadium and everyone is walking to the train station, they are together in that sense. my client doesn't know any of those other -- >> not the same. they were an organized rally. >> this is not the rally.
12:31 am
this is not the rally. where we see this video come out, everyone is heading north on the highway. my client doesn't know these other bikers around him. he's there with specific two to three other friends and all heading north. he comes -- >> what would you have done benjamin perez -- >> if i were -- >> do you have a family? >> i have a family. >> wife and children? >> i have small children. if you were in that car and you were surrounding buy bikers -- >> slashing tires. >> i would assess the situation. if i felt threatened the way he felt threatened, i would lock the doors, raise windows and call 911. >> gloria -- >> that didn't happen. >> gloria, we talked the other night you represent the family of edwin. what is his condition today, first of all? >> well, unfortunately, the doctors have told him that he has a 99% probability of never being able to walk again and he's still in the hospital and there is no release date.
12:32 am
but i would like to add with all due respect to joe, he only talked about one part of the test and of course, the person we're not talking about is right there edward, my client. and he's the person that was run over by mr. lein in the suv and the question is not was he in fear. the question is was it reasonable? he in reasonable -- was it reasonable for him to believe that he was in imminent danger of deadly force? because he used deadly force. that suv to run over my client, to crush him, to break his spine in two pieces, to puncture his lung and -- >> but gloria, but gloria. >> look at that scene right there before he moves. they are surrounding him like a pack of wolves. he has a 2-year-old baby in the car and his wife. there isn't a human being gloria, including you, being surrounded by a pack of wolves, taking helmets off, stabbing tires, that wouldn't do anything
12:33 am
to get out of there. that is what anyone would do protecting his family and loved ones, including a 2-year-old baby, they smashed the windows -- >> joe, joe, here is what you're ignoring joe -- >> tell me, gloria. >> you know this test because you're a good attorney. was it reasonable for him to believe that it was going to be imminent use of deadly force against him by my client, who was only standing in front of his car with his back to the suv telling everybody move on, move out. >> gloria, i got to leave it there, i got to point out your client did not have a motorcycle license. he never had one. >> he wasn't on a motorcycle when he was hit. he was a pedestrian with all due respect that's irrelevant. >> he wasn't working there. he was part of the gang of wolves -- >> he was not part of -- he was not part --
12:34 am
>> this will keep going. we'll talk about this again. thank you-all very much indeed for joining me. the always outspoken donald trump, what he thinks is right for america. female announcer: through columbus day,
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with talks going on in washington, not surprisingly he was blunt about the dysfunction that shut down the government. donald trump if you were the ceo of washington incorporated now, how many times would you say you're fired in the last few weeks? >> well, probably a lot. they really have to learn to get along. i mean, you just have a president that is not leading
12:38 am
and not getting people into a room and not shouting and laughing and having a good time and having a terrible time. but you know all of these different emotions and things you have to do. you have to get people in a room and you have to just make deals for the good of the country. >> a group led by john boehner, many people criticize both speaker boehner and the president for not doing enough talking in the previous few weeks, just in the clinton gingrich era, they talked all the time. >> well, i will say this, if the republicans stuck together, they have cards like you wouldn't believe. i hear so much about republicans don't have cards. the fact is they have tremendous cards if they stuck together but piers, they aren't sticking together. you have different guys making different statements and they want to come back and we should be back. the fact is they have a lot of strength the they want but they are not sticking together. >> the defendant shutdown is painful but a debt ceiling crisis, called a nuclear button shouldn't be used as a political tool.
12:39 am
>> it's uncharted territory. the debt ceiling, we're up to 17 trillion in debt. no one is ever. >> can you believe that figure? >> yeah -- >> it's trotted out and perfectly normal. >> it was a word that didn't exist in our language ten years ago, let's face it. trillion, the word trillion. you don't hear billion anymore, you hear trillion. it's a number that's staggering, 17 trillion and going up rapidly. it's not stopping there. they are looking at 24 trillion. at what point does it stop? the debt ceiling, nobody knows what will happen. you could have a situation where you don't raise the debt ceiling and people have to go and really cut and get the country back into shape. there were those who say that could happen, also. >> would you feel comfortable about the debt ceiling limit not being extended as somebody who had so many fingers and business pies in america.
12:40 am
>> the word is a hard word. i'm not comfortable with it but i will say something has to be done to get there. we can continue to get this way. we're looking at numbers that are staggering and going up at a staggering rate. something has to be done. they have to make deals. they have to sit down and say we have to do something. you look at what is happening with other countries, how they are -- look, i've been doing this with you for a long time. it never changes. nobody does anything. when you look at china and countries the way they take advantage of this country. china gets their oil and come through the straights. to come through the straights we protect the straights. china gets most of the oil and europe, by the way, we get 10% of the oil and yet, we spend all the of money but why aren't people reimbursing us? why aren't people helping us or doing things? we cannot continue to spend the way we're spending and really to a large extent it's to the
12:41 am
benefit of others. virtually every country that does business with us as a country takes advantage of the -- >> from a business point of view, though, china has been extremely smart with america, brought up more and more american debt. more than a third owned by the chinese f. there was to be a default on the debt ceiling, the first people that would get paid is chinese with the bonds otherwise the whole pack of cards comes down. the default increases rapidly. >> china is lecturing don't let this happen. can you believe this -- >> can you laugh at them saying that? >> i think you can cry. i'm not sure about the word laugh. >> laugh -- because actually they have a position of strength. >> they have played us -- nobody ever played us like that other than opec. maybe opec played us better. i use them as the two chief abusers, china and opec.
12:42 am
china when you think of it, what they have done is in the history of the world there has never been any country that manipulated their currency to the benefit like china has. they manipulate currency and take our jobs through this manipulation. what they do once our companies go there is incredible. they put rules and regulations on those countries. when caterpillar makes tractors, they don't want them made in the united states but china and want all of the information, all of that incredible technology, they ask the things that we can't even think of asking. by the way, they tax our products when we send them. >> how did you feel when you heard the death payments to the widows and families of dead servicemen and women in the american military were not going to be paid? >> i thought it was one of the most outrageous things i've heard. i've been doing this quite awhile. i've seen stupid things, horrible things and you put this in the category of all of the above.
12:43 am
i said if the government doesn't pay it, i will. i assume they will get paid because i haven't heard back. i think it's horrible. here you lost a son or a daughter that you love and cherish and then on top of it, the government says well, we don't have the hundred to pay for the funerals and for the death. i mean, it's incredible. so when you say how do you feel about it? i thought it was outrageous. >> let's take a short break. when we come back, i want to talk about the art of the deal. you wrote a book about it. you know speaker boehner well and the president obviously. i want to work out from you how these guys can get together and do better business. >> okay. i think one of the biggest problems they have is they don't like each other. when they don't like each other. it's hard to make a deal. ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. when you look at john boehner and barack obama as business, putting aside your meaning but a straightforward businessman, there seems to be a real problem there, the way the both of them conduct business. john boehner doesn't have control of the party and the president wouldn't negotiate in the way people think he should do. regardless of how this current
12:48 am
shut down washes up what advice do you give them about the about the art of doing a deal. business. >> when you don't like each other, it's very hard to make a deal. it's common sense. they don't like each other there is tremendous animosity and i see it, i know john boehner and he's a good man working, very, very hard and has probably the second most difficult job. i mean, he has got some tough job. >> what would you do, though, about the tea party, ted cruz and those guys, 40 people in his party holding the entire country to ransom. >> i'm a believer because what they want is right for this country. they want something to be done about this horrendous debt, something to be done about a lot of different things going on in the country. our country is in a free fall and these are good american people. these are great american people. so, you know, sometimes severe, sometimes not so severe but what
12:49 am
they do want what's good for the country. now the speaker has to be able and the president to get a long together. when they played golf, everybody called me. what do you think? they thought i would say negative about them playing golf. >> i think it is because he's not a natural dealmaker. in sports you have naturals. he's not a natural dealmaker. it doesn't come naturally to him. so he's got to use other people, he's got to do something. again when he said, i'm not negotiating, that's fine. but then you have to negotiate. >> right. >> in other words, say it. you can say it to the world but then you got to negotiate.
12:50 am
when he says he doesn't negotiate. >> an interesting thing what he was doing with vladimir putin or newt gingrich, any opponent, the technique he used he'd kick everybody out of the room eventually and go man to man, look them in the eye. plenty of boom boom boom and they get stuff done. i said to him, did you trust putin, for example? he said well he never went back on his word to me about anything. which was fascinating. >> good statement. >> he said in the end you don't actually really need to believe everything you're being told, you just have to do a deal. do you go along with that? >> i do. look, president clinton did have a lot of good relationships. that was why he was able to make deals. he really did make a lot of deals, for the good of the country. the fact is right now we have these stalemates. i've never seen anything like it. what's going to happen in two weeks is going to be more interesting. now maybe as we're speaking are going to make a deal where they do some kind of an extension. but an extension is not what you need. you need the overall deal. we have to make a big deal, and
12:51 am
it has to be the proper deal for the country. >> look at america incorporated really massive problems. america was built the last century on this manufacturing tour de force which rampaged around the world as a great superpower. clearly it's no long that kind of country. >> that's right. >> what do you do about it? >> well again it's jobs. you have to take jobs away from other countries, china, india, all these countries that are taking our jobs. by the way, mexico. we've made it so good for mexico what they're doing to us is unbelievable. you've got to take back jobs. you've got to make the economy stronger. you know what, when you make the economy strong, medicare, medicaid, social security all the things in trouble won't be in trouble anymore. we have this incredible machine but we're not using it. if you can create a great economy we don't have to worry about social security and medicare and medicaid. all good things we don't have to worry about them again.
12:52 am
>> do you worry america may not have a great economy again in your lifetime? >> if we don't have the right leadership we won't have a great economy again and we frankly won't be a great country again. we need the right leadership. right now our leader is well meaning. he wants to do a good job. i really believe he wants to do a good job. but his mindset is not on what we need. we need a great and strong economy. and that will take care of all that money pouring in is a positive thing, not a negative thing. it's a positive. and that will take care of so many problems that we have. >> do you believe in the green suits theory at the moment, that property is beginning to bounce back and car sales are good and so on? >> i think it's very very fragile. one of the things we have we have an artificially low interest rates. i'm a developer. i love low interest rates. doing the old post office on pennsylvania avenue. i'm getting this money for like nothing.
12:53 am
but that's artificial. it's not going to be that way. don't forget, the biggest thing is when the government borrows money and pays interest it's paying so low right now. when they have to pay a normal rate of interest you want to see deficits in that's going to be the biggest deficit of all. we have to get the economy before the interest rates start going up. >> how do you feel -- when i heard the statue of liberty was being closed down because of the shutdown, i don't think many americans realize how that looked to the outside world. this absolute symbol of america and liberty and freedom, closed for business. how do you feel as an american? there have been 17 shutdowns since the early 70s. nothing new. some democrats and some republican. in fact more democrat. as an american do you not feel embarrassed when this kind of thing happens? >> when the statue of liberty, piers, was closed and they announced it and everything i thought it was very bad. when the soldiers weren't able to get the money, the families of the soldiers to be buried, that to me hit me much harder. the statue of liberty, it will
12:54 am
open. but the case where you lost your son or daughter and you can't get money from the united states? you can't get burial, they call it burial money? that to me hit me much harder. i thought that was just horrendous. i thought that was the worst. one of the worst things i've ever heard about this country. >> and we'll be right back. finally, miley cyrus. back now. female announcer: through columbus day,
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12:58 am
imposing buildings in new york as befits my imposing guest this evening. gave immediate reaction to following names with your apprentice boss hat on. if you were in the board room what you would say. john boehner. >> he's really working hard. tough situation. but i think he's doing a good job, trying to keep it all together. he needs more support. >> hired or fired? >> i'd hire absolutely. >> barack obama. >> again, i happen to think he's trying very hard. i don't think he's a natural at putting together coalitions and deals, in this case deals. but i do believe he's trying very hard. i think he does want what's good for the country. >> hired or fired? >> i would say let's not use hired or fired. i hope he turns out to be a great president. i've been saying this for a long time. but i do believe he's trying very hard. >> harry reid? >> i know him. i again think they're all working very -- they have different views, different points of view, different from mine in these two days. but harry reid is a pretty tough
12:59 am
guy. pretty strong guy. and he's a very, very worthy opponent. >> would you hire him? >> i'd hire him. i don't know if i'd hire him for the country but i'd hire him. like to have him on my side. >> obama care? >> obama care is a disaster. obama care i would fire. obama care is a very, very big detriment to the country. companies are closing because of it. they will be closing. and many have. >> ted cruz? >> well, i'd hire him. he's a smart guy. and i really think that based on everything i've seen, he is bringing a certain awareness to a situation. i would certainly hire him. the president, these are all smart people. and they do mean well but they have very different points of view. >> finally, miley cyrus. >> well, she stays at my hotel so she always has good -- i mean, always she stays at my hotel. in fact she's at my hotel right now. i called her the other day. >> taught you how to twerk?
1:00 am
>> i don't know if i could do it like her. look you're talking about asking her between the president and boehner, asking about miley so she's doing something right. i think she's getting great attention. i happen to like her. >> donald trump it's always good to talk to you. >> thank you very much. thank you, piers.

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